Engineering as Experimentation

The ultimate test of a products efficiency safety

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Unformatted text preview: ciency, safety, cost effectiveness,environmental impact, and the real value lies in how well that product functions within society CHALLENGER DISASTER We do not seem to learn from our past experience ENGINEERING AS EXPERIMENTATION The normal design process is iterative, carried out on trial designs with modification being made on the basis of feedback information acquired from tests ENGINEERING AS EXPERIMENTATION EXPERIMENTATION PLAYS AN ESSENTIAL ROLE IN THE DESIGN PROCESS 1. PRELIMINARY TEST OR SIMULATION FOR ROUGH DESIGN 2. MATERIAL AND PROCESSES FORMAL EXPERIMENTATION REQUIRED FOR DETAIL DESIGN . 3 . PRODUCTION STAGE FURTHER TESTS TILL FINAL PRODUCT LEARNING FROM THE PAST It is expected that engineers would learn from: 1. Their own design and operating results Those of other engineers 2. LEARNING FROM THE PAST Unfortunately that is frequently not the case 1. 2. 3. 4. Lack of established channels of communication Misplaced pride in not asking for information Embarrassment at failure Plain neglect History repeats itself Engineers as responsible experimenters What are the responsibilities of engineers to society ? Engineers as responsible experimenters Enginee...
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