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Engineering as Experimentation

Uncertainties exists in 1 abstract model used for the

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Unformatted text preview: TIES EXISTS IN 1. ABSTRACT MODEL USED FOR THE DESIGN 2. THE PRECISE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MATERIALS 3. THE NATURE OF THE STRESSES THE FINISHED PRODUCT WILL ENCOUNTER VIEW ENGINEERING PROJECTS AS EXPERIMENTS Disaster at Sea EXXON VALDEZ oil spill Not a Romance or love story But An Engineering Disaster An Engineering complacency Haunting Image of technological complacency TITANIC TITANIC Maiden voyage 1912 Greatest engineering achievement (it was proclaimed) Length of two and half football fields Safe ship, 16 watertight compartments (floats with any four compartment flooded) Over Confident Life boat available for 825 Total Capacity 3547 Result 1522 Dead out of 2227 Not only short of lifeboats But poor design mechanism of lunching Lifeboats TITANIC Mid Air Crash KOREAN AIRLINER SIMILARITIES TO STANDARD EXPERIMENTS VIEW ENGINEERING PROJECTS AS EXPERIMENTS Engineers do not have the luxury of waiting until all the relevant facts are in before commencing work SIMILARITIES TO STANDARD EXPERIMENTS One talent crucial to an engineer's success The ability to accomplish task with only a partial knowledge of scientific laws about nature and society SIMILARITIES TO STANDARD EXPERIMENTS B- The final outcomes of engineering projects, like those of experiments,are generally uncertain. -Often in engineering it is...
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