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Ethics - Meso-Ethics is larger impact and scope where in...

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1) The student has the right to apply to the committee if his/her rights have been violated by member of university. The first step would be to resolve this informally by discussing with dean, ombudsperson for students, etc. If not the student can lodge complaint where hearing would be scheduled. Then after proceeding a verdict would be rendered by the committee of 9. The student can appeal under certain condition stated in handbook. 2) The word disaster is a strong word for some of the so called disasters that occurred. For example the challenger disaster, even though this failure resulted in the death and set back of the space shuttle program, many consider the NASA shuttle program to be successful. Another example is Apollo 13 disaster, even though the mission failed, it can also be considered an engineering triumph in the trouble shooting done to bring back safely the crew. 3)In a global scale there are 3 different levels Micro-Ethics which is moral behavior of an Individual,
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Unformatted text preview: Meso-Ethics is larger impact and scope where in would consist of community, government decision and Macro ethic would be on a global scale such as climate change which affect the whole population. 5) Bateson states that the “error” in thinking and attitude of western culture is that we believe it is us against everyone and everything. We act a individually as country, community and people not caring of our choices and action impacts. We as a people have too great a reliance on technology and believe that we infinite boundaries. 6) The Brutland report was a commission called for to improve life for everyone while ensuring that we do not deplete and recklessly use up our natural resources while not destroying the environment for future generations. The basic message is that the development is not for a minority but for everyone, the wealth should not be only for small minority. 7)...
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