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Environment Lecture Stages of ethical consciousness Preservation: to preserve natural state(area) Conservation: efficient development and use of natural resources Protection: pollution control and human health Survival: global problem of sustainability - Development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the future generation Strategy: reduce pollution (4R’s) Reduce, Recycle , Reuse and Recover. Industrial eco Approach; to optimize the total material cycle; elements - Understanding of material and energy flow - Change from linear(open) to cyclical(closed) systems - Reduce environmental impact on surrounding and eco - Develop an efficient and sustainable industrial system To develop an industrial eco - Minimize process waste - Shift energy from fossil to renewable energy - ???? Engineering constraints - Cost, time, quality - Functionality and responsiveness to changing users needs - Financial viability - Economical and environmental sustainability Decision making process - Generate solution-Evaluate Solutions-Select Solution-Take Action-Reassess Situation-Define Problem
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Environment Lecture Decision making tools: Social impact A, and sustainability A What can engineer do? - Integrate concept of sustainable development into design process, Educate yourself, think outside the box( to develop new ideas) - Form interdisciplinary teams to solve problems - Adopt industrial eco approach Green Engineering:
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Notes p2a - Environment Lecture Stages of ethical...

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