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Events/Disaster Alaska Flight 261 Flight 261 crash 20mils of cost of LA, 89ppl killed Jet dived from altitude of 17900 Question: - Any whistleblowers? - Manage m e nt responsibility? - Was engine ering designed flawed? - Role of m aintenance in this case? - Was whistle blowing effective? - Consequence of whistle blowing? Technical factors - Jack screw, Stabilizer trim function, Stabilizer design, fault procedures Hum an Factors - Poor m aintenance, a nd ignorance of m aintenance crew, m a n a gers. - Engineers involved Bhopal India 1984,m assive gas clouds of 40tons MIC was releas ed into the air traveling downwind 8km. 4000pp killed a nd a nother 400000 injured, animals and plants killed and devastat ed. Facts and su m m ary: - Accident occurred due to low standards, poor m aintenanc e of plant and abs enc e of e m erge plan. - Subsidiary company of union carbide was operating plant. - Plant was producing pesticides to improve food production - Union carbide m a d e a n out of court settle m e nt with the Indian governm ent for 470M - To this day very little compens ation has be en distributed to ppl. - Legal international status OF COMPANY STILL UNREGULATED - Legal litigation still pending
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- Site has been left intact, no decontamination - Population in surrounding showing signs of contamination in ground water from abandoned   plant. Chernobyl
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Notes p2b - Events/Disaster Alaska Flight 261 Question: Any...

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