Scottish Myths and Legends

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D.Nathan 3/3/2010 Scottish Myths and Legends Scots emigrated from Ireland, they brought with them a rich blending of belief based on Celtic myths and legends. Scottish legends and myths developed into tradition. Where ritual elements (how to stir the pot, how to lead the cows), were designed to ensure good luck and to avoid tragedy. Scotland abounds in stories and legends of magical seafolk (selkies and mermaids), legends about fairies, and tales of shape-shifting witches, ghosts, and family curses, not to mention their famous lake monster. Some Myths and Legends you may be familiar with: The Loch Ness Monster There have been recorded sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, since the 6th century, but no one has been able to conclusively prove or disprove her existence. One theory is that Nessie is some form of prehistoric creature that was trapped in the loch when it was shut off from the open sea after the last Ice Age. Bruce and the Spider
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