Workshop_7_SOLUTION_12_1_09 - ACI 318-08 The concrete is...

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Name: _ SOLUTION _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CE 441 Reinforced Concrete Design – Workshop 7 …… Tuesday December 1, 2009 Due at the end of class The 7 feet long beam shown cantilevers from an 18” x 20” supporting column at the left. The beam must carry a superimposed dead load of w DL =1.5 kips/ft plus its own weight; and concentrated live load of P LL =10.0 kips applied at the free end. a) Design the tension reinforcement A s with f y =60,000 psi, f c '=3,500 psi, b= 12 in, d =17.5 in, and h =20 in. Select the required bar sizes to provide the needed A s . Do not overdesign the bar sizes. b) Determine the spacing of #3 double leg stirrups with f yt =40,000 psi that are needed at the shear design section of the beam. c) Check to see if proper development length for the tension steel bars is provided within the available length in the beam using Equation (12-1) from p 204 of
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Unformatted text preview: ACI 318-08. The concrete is normal weight and the bars are uncoated. Assume that stirrups that are not less than code minimum are provided over the entire beam and the nearest distance from center of longitudinal bar to concrete surface is 2.5 inches. d) Using ACI Section 12.5.2 specifications design an adequate hooked anchorage within the column for your bars using a 90 degree hook as shown. Assume that tie spacing in the column is greater than 3 d b unless it is necessary to provide for the hooked development length. See lecture 16 from November 24, 2009 and ACI-318-08 Sections 12.5 and 7.1. Sketch details of 90° hook with dimensions. Reinforced concrete weighs 150 lbs/ft 3...
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Workshop_7_SOLUTION_12_1_09 - ACI 318-08 The concrete is...

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