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Anirudh Kulkarni Obama Lincoln Comparison 1. Barack Obama relates to Lincoln because they both came from really humble roots and they had to overcome drastic obstacles to get to where they ended up. Lincoln had to overcome the fact that he didn’t have a “real” education and the fact that he was extremely poor. Obama also had difficulties such as “a funny name, born in Hawaii of a father from Kenya and a mother from Kansas.” They both overcame these articles to become the President of the United States of America. 2. Obama admires how Lincoln faced immeasurable odds, but still came up victorious. Obama writes, “In Lincoln’s rise from poverty, his ultimate mastery of language and law, his capacity to overcome personal loss and remain determined in the face of repeated defeat-in all this, reminded me not just of my own struggles. He also reminded me of a larger, fundamental element of American life- the enduring belief that we can constantly remake ourselves to fit our larger
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