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Unformatted text preview: olenoid : B = 0 In ; toroid : B = 0 ; Gauss law for magnetism : $ B # dA = 0 2" r C= C= Faraday law : "0 A parallel plates ; d ! ! !=" r r d# B = $ E % ds ; dt r r # B = $ B % dA magnetic flux PHYSICS 2B PROF. HIRSCH QUIZ 6 WINTER QUARTER 2010 MARCH 1, 2010 There are 8 problems. You get 1 point for correct answer, 0 points for incorrect answers, 0.2 points for no answer (up to 5 non-answers). This is Test Form A Problem 1 perimeter p perimeter p The square loop on the left figure has perimeter p and is in a time-dependent magnetic field B(t). At time t0 it dissipates energy at a rate of 100W. The circular loop on the right figure was made from an identical square loop of the same metal by deforming it to a circular shape, so it has the same perimeter p, and it is in an identical time-dependent magnetic field B(t). At the same time t0 the circular loop dissipates (a) 100W ; (b) 263W ; (c) 162W ; (d) 121W ; (e) 314W Problem 2 Suppose you have a sq...
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