How long will it take you to increase the magnetic

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Unformatted text preview: uare loop of side length a=2m, that has resistance 50, and want to get a uniform magnetic field B=10T going through it perpendicularly. How long will it take you to increase the magnetic field from 0 to 10T if you want the total energy dissipated in the process to be less than 0.5J? You may assume that the magnetic field is increased at a constant rate. The time you need is at least: (a) 16s ; (b) 32s ; (c) 64s ; (d) 8s ; (e) 4s Problem 3 loop 1: R1 F1 , v loop 2: R2 F2 , v In the figure, loop 1 and loop 2 have side lengths a and 2a oriented as shown. Their resistance is R1=100, R2=200. They are being pulled out of a region of uniform magnetic field at the same speed v by applied forces F1 and F2. If F1=10N, F2= (a) 5N ; (b) 10N ; (c) 20N ; (d) 2.5N ; (e) 40N Problem 4 I1(t) The current in the outer loop I1(t) is increasing at a constant rate, it is 2A at t=1s and 10A at t=5s. The current induced in the inner loop is 1A at t=1s; at t=2s it is (a) 2A ; (b) 4A ; (c) 0 ; (d) 0.5A ; (e) 1A PHYSICS 2B PROF. HIRSCH Problem 5 QUIZ...
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