biology web quiz 1 - Biology Web Quiz #1 1) The half-life...

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Biology Web Quiz #1 1) The half-life of carbon-14 is 5,600 years. A fossil that has 1/8 the normal proportion of carbon-14 to carbon-12 is probably: a) 2,800 years old b) 5,600 years old c) 11,200 years old d) 16,800 years old e) 22,400 years old 2) Which is NOT a central assumption that must be met in order for Darwin’s model of biological evolution to occur? a) There must be enough time, spanning many generations, for a new species to arise. b) Individuals of a species vary from one another in terms of their traits. c) There must already be a species present in order for speciation to occur. d) An individual must be able to select which genetic factors it will pass on to its offspring so as to promote their survival. e) Traits possessed by some individuals of a species favor their having children relative to other individuals of their species who possess different traits. 3) Which one of the following choices describes a type of evidence that Charles Darwin could NOT have used in support of his views of evolution. a) Fossils of different groups of species are found in rocks of different ages. b) Isolated habitats are often not inhabited by species found in nearly the same type of habitat elsewhere in the world. c) The forelimbs of different mammalian species share the same
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biology web quiz 1 - Biology Web Quiz #1 1) The half-life...

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