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Describe the meaning of ____ to a friend or relative who does not know calculus but does not know high school algebra and geometry (including about functions). ____ will be one of the terms that we have learned over the last 2 weeks -Limit of a function -asymptote -continuity -tangent -slope of a function -derivative of a function -intermediate value property limit: if f(x) is defined for all x near a, except possibly a itself, and if we can ensure that f(x) is as close as we want to L by taking, close enough to a but not equal to a we say that the function f approaches the limit L as x approaches a -asymptote: a straight line in which a curve approaches as the curve recedes
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Unformatted text preview: very far away from the origin -continuity: when a function does not have any breaks in the domain; when the limit of every number exists and is equal to the y value-tangent: a line in which is equal to the slope of the curve at that particular point and passes through the point-slope: measurement of steepness of a function: the amount that y has changed divided by the amount that x has changed-derivative of a function: the formula to find the slope of the curve at each x value-intermediate value property: property of a continuous function defined on a closed, finite interval is that the function takes on all real values between any two of its values...
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