bio prelim review - Prelim #1 Review -some of the...

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Prelim #1 Review -some of the characteristics responsible for the reproductive success of individual organimsls are inheritable -artificial selection supports Darwinian evolution -empirical observations are first -a system has functions more complex than its parts -archaea and eukarya are more closely related to one another than either is to bacteria - the first cells assembled spontaneously from non-living molecules -best evidence of the common ancestry: universality of the genetic code -greatest variety: arthropods -any amino acid can bond to each other -2ndary bonds dependent on formation of H bonds between atoms in the peptide bonds of amino acids NOT adjacent to each other -phospholipids move laterally along the plane of the membrane -oxygen gas can diffuse directly through membrane -carbs only attached to n terminus of cell -proton pump and sodium potassium pump need energy -ribosomes and cytoskeleton: organelles that don’t have membranes -need to study something that changes slowly over time independently of the environment -archaea has histones associated w. DNA -anaphase: dna/chromosome smallest Chapter 12 -virchow: credited that cells arise from cell -chromatids are identical copies of each other if they are part of the same chromosome -chromatids form during the S phase -if a somatic humanc ell is just about to divide, it has 92 chromosomes -G2: greatest DNA per cell -no sister chromatids in telophase Chapter 27 -prokaryotic flagellum: ATp driven pumps transport H out of cell and diffusion back into powers basal apparatus which turns a curved hook attached to a filament made of flagellin, globular protein -fimbrae: hair like structures: attachment…pilli: (bring together 2 cells) Chapter 6 -centrigual force separates the cell components by size and density -pilli: attachment of structures on the surface of some prokaryotes -tonoplast: membrane enclosing the central vacuole
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bio prelim review - Prelim #1 Review -some of the...

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