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writing seminar biological children

writing seminar biological children - the desire to have...

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Jamie Cohen Purdy Reading Question 1) Purdy believes that some of the desires for having children can be obtained by adoption or reproduction technology. However, there are a few reasons for having children that cannot be accomplished by either way. For instance, Purdy addresses that having children will achieve immortality, achieve the desire of having children that look like the parents, and achieve the desire for the child to cement marriage or provide economic benefits. 2) Purdy rejects to these remaining reasons. Purdy states that having
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Unformatted text preview: the desire to have children who resemble the parents is just simply narcissistic. However, in a parent-child relationship, when the mother first sees that her child has her blue eyes, or the father sees his son or daughter has his chin, it strengthens the connection that the parents feel for their child. It reinforces the fact that those parents made that child, and therefore reinforces the bond that the parents have for their child, made of their genes, with a similar physical appearance....
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