sher vs. schaar essay revision assignment freshman writing seminar

Sher vs. schaar essay revision assignment freshman writing seminar

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Jamie Cohen Due: October 20 th , 2008 Philosophy: Equality of Opportunity Instructor: Vincent Baltazar Third Essay Revision Assignment Introduction (Paragraph 1): My peer’s thoughts on my position the essay defends was the point I was making, so I left it as it is. Claim: Sher defends equality of opportunity, while Schaar challenges it, however Sher proves that equality of opportunity is socially beneficial to society and the individual. Paragraph 2: Sher states that selection by merit is more efficient, guarantees to people who have developed their skills in order to obtain a position, and the best qualified people deserve to obtain those positions. I did not fully defend the last two reasons to defend equality of opportunity, so I added more to that paragraph in order to do so. Paragraph 3: Schaar objects to equality of opportunity by stating that it isn’t fair because
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Unformatted text preview: it doesn’t promise everyone will reach the same ultimate goal. It also affects the individual negatively because they have no other reason for why they failed besides for they weren’t god enough. This paragraph did not need revising. Paragraph 4: Schaar states that there is nothing generous in telling a man he can only go as far as his talents permit while Sher believes that the argument could be dismissed. This claim did not contribute to my thesis, and had to be revised in order for describe how Sher could successfully object to Schaar’s arguments. Paragraph 5: Sher’s arguments are more successful than Schaar’s arguments This paragraph needed revising because it was based on paragraph 4...
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