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freshman writing seminar sher outline

freshman writing seminar sher outline - Sher-even if...

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Sher -even if competitors for jobs and opportunities do differ greatly both in native ability and in developed skill, it follows neither that selection by merit is less fair than other forms of competition nor that competition itself is less fair than other methods of allocating desirable jobs and opportunities II -can’t just say that selection by merit is appropriate because they deserve it but we must show why such claims have real normative force III -whether aims of employment and education really require the selection of best qualified persons gets its bte from the facts that jobs done adequately are still done and material learned adequately is still learned -may be believed that the aims of employment or education are satisfied whenever the chosen applicant’s ability exceeds the appropriate threshold -objection presupposes a limited vision of aims of employment and education… presupposes that the point of employing someone is just to ensure that the job is
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