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web quiz #5 - Web Quiz 5 1 Second messengers are...

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Web Quiz # 5 1) Second messengers are non-protein components of a cellular signal transduction pathway (the figure below shows the second messenger cyclic AMP). Which of the following INCORRECTLY describes some aspect of the function of the second messenger in a typical signal transduction pathway? a. When the cell does not receive a signal it should keep the second messenger at a low concentration b. An enzyme that creates the second messenger should be created when the signal is received and not before c. The proteins that bind to the second messenger should already be present before there is a rise in the concentration of the second messenger d. After the rise in the concentration of second messenger, it must be removed quickly be degradation or export from the cytosol. e. The second messenger can diffuse rapidly through the cytosol. 2) Which of the following is NOT an evolutionary advantage of multicellularity? a. Increased size b. Increased competition c. Increased dispersal ability d. Increased efficiency of some cells e. All of the above are advantages 3) QuickTime 4 and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. The figure shows a common signal transduction pathway found in eukaryotic cells. Which of the following choices incorrectly identifies a labeled component of this system? a. a=hydrophilic hormone b. b=ligand-binding domain of receptor c. c=cystolic side of transmembrane protein d. a protein that is either a subunit of, or interacting closely with, a G- protein
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e. e=second messenger
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web quiz #5 - Web Quiz 5 1 Second messengers are...

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