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satz reading questions

satz reading questions - who are wealthy enough to provide...

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Jamie Cohen Equality of Opportunity Equality, Adequacy, and Education for Citizenship by Debra Satz Satz responds to positional objection to her adequacy view by arguing that the objection is overstated. For instance, education is only some-what competitive. According to U.S. News and World Report s, only a very small percentage of colleges are competitive, and in most of them, any high school graduate can be admitted. A response to that is although a majority of colleges are not competitive, the minority of top notch colleges which usually result in the minority of the best paid jobs are very competitive. This will result in the minority of the upper class will only be the sons and daughters of parents
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Unformatted text preview: who are wealthy enough to provide SAT tutors, college advisors, etc. to get into those colleges. Also, if everyone had an adequate education, colleges across the board would become competitive. Satz also argues that positional nature of education can be countered through social design. Education is not the only route in order to become successful. For instance, a man could not attend college, but through social connections obtain a job in which he rises and rises enough to become a higher-tier employee in that particular company. A response is although that this is possible, it is not very common, and most people need to obtain an education in order to have a chance to obtain that sort of job....
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