essay 5 outline - Harrry Brighouse and Adam Swift I....

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Harrry Brighouse and Adam Swift I. Liberalism and Rights -parents have rights with respect to their children 1) normally permissible for parents to pursue certain of their own interests at some cost to their children’s interests- it is wrong for the state (or anyone else) to prevent them from exercising that permission 2) there are things that is permissible for them to do to, for, and with their children that Is not permissible for anyone else to do; this exclusive situation is justified by reference to the interests of the parent s themselves -parents’ rights are limited and conditional II. Children and the Tension in Liberalism -parental rights are rights over others and they are rights over others who have no realistic exit option -rights: instruments for protecting people’s abilities to make what they can of their own lives… rights over others are justified only by appeal to the interests of those others -tensions between principle of toleration (not interfere with moral beliefs and practices of others, as long as the practices that emanate from those beliefs do no harm to nonconsenting others and the principle of autonomy: every individual should have the internal resources and skills to evaluate and revise own commitments -tension relieved if parents raise children as they see fit, even in ways that will inhibit development of children’s capacity for autonomy
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essay 5 outline - Harrry Brighouse and Adam Swift I....

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