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final long rough

final long rough - BS at `liberalism has no other example...

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BS: at ‘liberalism has no other example than the relationship between parents and children where rights over others are considered fundamental,in the sense that they are justified,at least in part,by the interests of the right holder’ HV: It is just as wrong to establish childrearing rights based on parental interests, as it would be to create rights that grant one adult power over another based on the right-holder’s interest in having that power. We disagree with Brighouse and Swift’s suggestion that the rights parents have over their children represent a legitimate exception,for we believe such a departure from clear norms to be unjustifiable in a liberal society. BS: impossible to permit people to take their children to church without also allowing them the opportunity to use that right to indoctrinate their children…while there is no right to indoctrinate, “given the importance of unmonitored intimacy, there is no practicable way of depriving them of
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