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BS: parent-child relationship is the only example in which rights over others are justified partly by the interests of the holder HV: seems absurd…with such an important topic, seems crazy to have a huge “Departure from clear norms to be unjustifiable in a liberal society” -very unique relationship: 4 reasons BS: parent rights are limited in a sense HV: doesn’t make sense: it is wrong to undermine a children’s future autonomy but dendorse a parental right to unmonitored intimacy that could indirectly undercut children’s autonomy in the same way that a right to shape children’s values would -impractical to do anything else -rights are instruments for protecting people’s abilities to make what they can of their own lives. .usually then, rights over others are justified only by appeal to the interests of those others. Liberalism has no other example than the relationship between p and c
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Unformatted text preview: where rights over others are considered fundamental, in the sense that they are justified at least in part by the interest of the right holder bs1The principle of autonomy says that every individual should have the internal resources and skills necessary rationally to evaluate and revise her own commit- ments and practices bs2: parental rights are fundamental, conditional, and limited We shall de ne f a right as fundamental if it is owed to a person in virtue of their simply being a person, and its justi cation f is grounded in the bene ts f it will bring to that person and not to others.- It is also possible to hold that parents’ interests justify some conditional, fundamental rights over their children but that these rights are quite limited, that more extensive rights can only be justi ed f instrumentally, and that there are quite strict limits even on instrumental parents’ rights...
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