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“Parental Rights- A role-based approach” by Sarah Hannan and Richard Vernon -although parents have an interest in rearing their children as they see fit, no rights follow from that interest. Parental interests generate a right to become a parent, but they do not determine the scope and content of the childrearing rights that attach to this role. -The rights that characterize the parental role are grounded solely on the interests of children. -childrearing rights allow parents to interpret how to parent and exclude others from intervening, they are limited by the considerable constraint that they can undermine their children’s future autonomy -child-centered views (which hold that children’s interests are the only interests that can ground childrearing rights, confront a problem called the ‘Plato Worry.’ -Brighouse/Swift (plato worry) a child-centered account leaves open the possibility that it could be legitimate to redistribute children at birth or after “from what (the state) deemed less suitable to what it deemed more suitable parents” without violating the rights of parents -in order to dispel the plato worry, theorists have said that parental interests should play a role in grounding and determining scope and content of parental rights -this response raises questions: it constructs the parent-child relationship in terms of conflicting interests and it falls to parents to adjudicate between their own interests and their children’s -1 st section: appealing to parental interests when granting childbearing rights by questioning the different theories of Brighouse and swift -2 nd section: assess alternative attempt to accommodate parental interests while limiting them to general demands of justice -3 rd section: although we take issue with the claim that parental interests should ground childrearing rights, we are not challenging the merits of the interest theory of rights itself -rights are based on and thus aim to protect fundamental interests, but deny that parental interests are the ones that should inform childrearing rights” -plato worry dispelled by an account of parental rights that grounds them in the role (the nature of which is defined according to the interests of the children) and not the interests of the parents -final: what responsibilities are entailed by those assuming the parental role -schoeman: parents have a right to raise their children that stems naturally from the right to engage in intimate relationships, even when recognition of this right involves some
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final rough 1 - "Parental Rights- A role-based approach" by...

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