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lecture 34 lecture

lecture 34 lecture - Lecture 34 Sensory Systems Channels...

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Lecture 34: Sensory Systems Channels and synapse terms 1- Transduction Mechanisms 2- Sensory Coding 3- Adaptation 4- Sensory Integration Hearing, etc (air or water pressure) : mechanoreceptors are epithelial cells -know picture of 50.8 organ of corti -transduction by deflection of hair bundles * when hair bundles are deflected one way, tip links pull open mechanosensory channels, K+ ions enter tips -Chemical senses: *taste: 5 primary tastes (receptor cells are epithelial cells & each cell detects only a single taste type…) TRP channels: salt, sour GPCR: bitter, sweet, umami (savory) *smell: olfactory receptor cells are neurons receptors are GPCRs, each cell has only one type *photoreception: photoreceptor cells are epithelial cells -receptors are GPCR (opsin) and vitamin A (retinal) -2 nd messenger cascade differs in vertebrates and invertebrates -vertebrate: channels close, dark current turned off -invertebrates: channels open, current turned on -sensory coding: stimulus coding (beyond the receptor)
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