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Experiment 7: Polymer-Cross Linking and Viscosity Lab Instructor: Dr. M. Due: November 12 th , 2008 Report Results and Discussion Part A A procedure was devised and implemented to determine the effect of cross-linking on polymer solution viscosity. Borate ion was used to cross-link strands of the polymer poly (vinyl alcohol)…(PVA) Viscosity Chart ____1______2______3______4______5______6______7______8______9______10 water apple orange milk tomato pure clam honey jello plato juice juice juice chowder After PVA was added to 50 mL of hot water until it dissolved. The viscosity of the solution was a 5, having the viscosity of a solution similar to that of tomato juice. The solution was easy to stir, but not as easy as milk. .4 g of Borax was added to hot water. 10 drops of 1% methyl red indicator was added to PVA solution and 1.0 mL of borax was added while stirring. The methyl red indicator turned the solution yellow and another 2.0 mL of borax solution was added. The viscosity was taken again of the solution, however this time the viscosity was measured
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