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final paper parental rights - Final Essay Assignment#5...

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Final Essay Assignment (#5) Instructor; Vincent Baltazar A parent-child relationship is one of the most distinguished relationships in life. In this relationship, the child is dependent on the parent for protection and to develop the capacity to form the child’s own values and life direction. However, the basis of what rights the parents receive in order to develop that capacity and provide protection can be looked at in two different ways—a child-centered account or a dual-interest account of parental rights. In their “Parents’ Rights and the Value of the Family,” Harry Brighouse and Adam Swift argue that parents do have rights with respect to raising their children. Although, Sarah Hannan and Richard Vernon argue in their “Parental Rights: A role- based Approach,” parental rights should be centered solely around the child. In this paper, I will defend Brighouse and Swift by describing that parental rights is justified partly by the interests of the parents and partly by the protection of the children’s autonomy. I will also provide Hannan and Vernon’s responses to both statements and include Brighouse and Swift’s objections to their responses. Children are inherently dependent on their parents. They rely on their parents for guidance, necessities for survival (food, water, shelter), discipline, the opportunity to grow up with their own values and pathway in life, etc. Therefore, parents have an enormous responsibility to be guaranteed certain rights over their children in order to raise them how they see fit. Ordinarily, the purpose of rights is to protect people’s
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final paper parental rights - Final Essay Assignment#5...

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