pscyh notes - some subjects-not just trying to please the...

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10/28 -Stage Hypnosis (cont.) -audience believes hypnotist is controlling a helpless subject -suggestible audience…cooperitve -History of Hypnosis Mesmer: “influence of planets in cure of disease” -magnetic force helps psych issues…”mesmerism -1784: imagination not magnetiscm (ben franklin…guillotin head hopper) -ban mesmerism, secret report – massage parlov -1840: james brawid -sleep like trance: hypnosis -mental state of heightened suggestibility - watch technique -India 1885 : -esdaile performed …300 operations using hypnosis -Freud: 1885 -hypnosis to release unconscious…rejected it because susceptibility, dependency -1980 Hilgard (Stanford univ) -for some, mere words can change behavior and perception -susceptible based on divided consciousness -state of believed in imagination where distortion and memory are possible for
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Unformatted text preview: some subjects-not just trying to please the instructor-after perception: cologne 10/30 Ceci-childrens report accuracy: mouth of babes, salem, research (binet1909: whipple, Wilmore-kids are hyper suggestible-2 ways of inaccurate reports (lies, false memory/belief)-memory is a record of pattern-recognition, interpretive analyses, source information: recording trace = how memory (root info)-jargon #1 (source misattribution familiar but misattribute source of familiarity)-adult 20%-30% child 50%-70%-accitory with call to housefreud-causes: stress, suggestive questions, false stereotypes/ rumors, visualization/reinforcement-false memory: samsory bear- did nothing 1. control (good 570% (5/6, 4/3) really did 2% 2. says hes cumsy (false stereotype) error 10-38% 5/63/4 really did 10% 3. interviewed weeks...
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pscyh notes - some subjects-not just trying to please the...

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