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Psychology Prelim 2 Class Notes Scientific methods: naturalistic observation, systematic assessment (MSLT; alertness, MBTI; personality), experimental manipulation -nat observation: Observe representative sample, observe all relative factors, make unbiased observations, don’t disturb heavier (hide from sight, become permanent fixture, secondary records) -james randi offers 1 mill, rev peter pop had hearing aid, rosenhan: faked sick in hospital -advantages: natural behavior, good for exploratory research (Lorenz: imprinting…hess: imprinting on wooden decory) -disadvantages: can’t observe everything, don’t know what 2ndary results leave out, cause of behavior difficult to establish (blackout), imappropriate for studying cognitive attitudes -systematic assessment : personality/ability tests, public opnion surveys -public opinion surveys (bell personality style test) -achiever in middle: performer/avoider, attacker/pleaser, drifter/commander…ppl have adjacent traits …want to become
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Unformatted text preview: opposite-predicts marital success, favorite dog, sexual behavior, successful job placement, -assessing value: reliability: does test measure consistency? Validity: does test measure what it says its measuring?-predictive validity: test predict future performance? Affected by reliability of test and criterion-content validity: does test examine representative sample?-face validity: does test look like it measures what it says it does? IPAT humor insecurity/dominance-personal validity: does test taker agree with scores (nothing to do with accuracy)-self report tests: efficient, depend on self insight, require motivation not to distort responses-projective tests: project cores what would cartoon many say, art toys-how representative are public opinion polls…subj-interview: error of leniency, error of central tendency, halo effect (great athlete, great businessman), contrast effect (rate people not like us badly)...
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