immuno review answer 1to 8

immuno review answer 1to 8 - 1 Who developed the first...

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1. Who developed the first vaccine and against which disease? Edward Jenner , Smallpox. 2. Describe the main characteristics of innate and adaptive immunity. Innate - present from birth - rapid response - fixed - not specific - constant during response - Includes myeloid lineage and NK cells (against viruses and cancer cells) - focused on antigen destruction (phagocytosis) -If pathogens escape the innate immunity, adaptive immunity will clear it Adaptive - develops during human development -slow response - variable - specific - improve during response - includes small lymphocytes (T and B cells) - focused on antigen recognition 3. What is hematopoiesis, and where does it occur? Hematopoiesis is the process of blood cells formation. Prenatally, hematopoiesis occurs in the yolk sack, then liver, and eventually the bone marrow. In normal adults it occurs in marrow and lymphatic tissues. All blood cells develop from pluripotential stem cells. pluripotential cells differentiate into stem cells that are committed to three, two or one hemopoietic differentiation pathway. None of these stem cells are morphologically distinguishable, however.
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4. Describe briefly the main groups of leukocytes and their physiological role
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immuno review answer 1to 8 - 1 Who developed the first...

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