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(ART-223374-01-08FA1) The American Cinema Observation Project and Discussion: Race and Gender in American Cinema For this observation, I chose The Color Purple (1985) (1993) and Thelma and Louise (1991). Both were wonderful films that I had seen many years ago and anticipated revisiting for this observation. The Color Purple (1985) (1993) takes place in rural Georgia during the 1930’s. It revolves around the life of Celie, an African American female i . Race plays a large issue in the film. In America slavery was abolished by this time, but racism was not. In the film we see a prime example of racism in the scene where Harpo’s wife Sofia gets asked to clean his house by the white mayor’s wife. She replies an emphatic “Hell no.” The white may or slaps her for her comment and she in turn punches him. She subsequently receives a harsh beating and lands in jail. She is sentenced to serve the Mayor’s family for 20 years. I believe that this depiction of racism was accurate for this time-period. It was not accurate for the
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