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Chapter 6 Review Questions 1. In infrastructure mode of operation, each wireless host is connected to the larger network via a base station (access point). If not operating in infrastructure mode, a network operates in ad-hoc mode. In ad-hoc mode, wireless hosts have no infrastructure with which to connect. In the absence of such infrastructure, the hosts themselves must provide for services such as routing, address assignment, DNS-like name translation, and more. 2. a) Single hop, infrastructure-based b) Single hop, infrastructure-less c) Multi-hop, infrastructure-based d) Multi-hop, infrastructure-less 3. Path loss is due to the attenuation of the electromagnetic signal when it travels through matter. Multipath propagation results in blurring of the received signal at the receiver and occurs when portions of the electromagnetic wave reflect off objects and ground, taking paths of different lengths between a sender and receiver. Interference from other sources occurs when the other source is also transmitting in the same frequency range as the wireless network. 4. a) Increasing the transmission power b) Reducing the transmission rate 5. APs transmit beacon frames. An AP’s beacon frames will be transmitted over one of the 11 channels. The beacon frames permit nearby wireless stations to discover and identify the AP. 6.
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SolutionsChap6_09 - Chapter 6 Review Questions 1. In...

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