M01 - Labor changes with Constitution

M01 - Labor changes with Constitution - The Impact of the...

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The Impact of the US Constitution on the Work Force in the New World In order to discuss how working life in America was shaped by the manner in which the US Constitution was framed, we must first discuss the origins of this unique labor force. The United States of America was built upon the backs of Indentured Servants, slaves, and kidnapped children. When we look back at history, it is important to understand that in order for this country to succeed rapidly, cheap labor was necessary. The first settlers may have had noble causes, but the majority of subsequent travelers were here by force. This immediately created a lower (working) class and an upper (property owning) class. This line was usually made by property ownership. Land in the New World was abundant. The colonies made it a business to divide the land and wisely made it a practice to grant it to those who “would use it productively” (Dividing the Land, Price). "Huge land grants launched most of the American colonies under their various sponsors. Allotting that land became a principal business of the colonies, for land was long their principle wealth and they could proper only as they put it in the hands of people who would use it productively. First, land was the bait to attract farmers into the colonies; it was used to also to attract artisans and investors, develop industry, and settle frontier defenders. Tracts of public land were set aside for the support of schools, churches, and colonial governments. Land was given to officials, soldiers, and others in reward for their services. Less accountably, officials granted
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land to friends, relatives, people of influence, and, not least, to themselves.
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M01 - Labor changes with Constitution - The Impact of the...

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