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Rigors of Rigoberta

Rigors of Rigoberta - (HIS-24SP1 Latin America History...

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1 (HIS-243154-01-09SP1) Latin America: History, Politics & U.S. Policy The Rigors of Rigoberta Our actions and experiences are what define us. Who we are is directly related to what we do and see, you become what you behold. Rigoberta Menchu became a revolutionary in Guatemala during their decades long Civil War. Before Rigoberta became a revolutionary, she was born a Quiche-Mayan female who held true to her cultural mores and folkways. In addition to her staunch holdings to heritage, she grew to become a Christian catechist. Rigoberta Menchu, in her many facets, represents the ideal preservation of indigenous Mayan culture while concurrently accepting the beneficial aspects of the new. The holding on of pre-colonial ideas with not only clarity but reverence shows a cultural connection often severed by the encroachment of foreign ideas. The continued ability to stay true to herself and her people, unlike the Ladinos she speaks regularly of, shows the balance that Rigoberta has achieved. Her story both allows the people to better understand the inner workings of indigenous Guatemalan societies while keeping certain secrets out of respect for the sacred. By the age of 23, she had lived a more “interesting" life than those who are many decades her elder. On the other hand, Rigoberta notes her experiences are not exclusive. Other indigenous peopled shared through the rigors of oppression. Whether it is cultural warfare or strict aggression which is in violent opposition to existence, Rigoberta Menchu was going to be a fighter and not lay down.
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2 Rigoberta's life starts in humble beginning and seemingly quaint customs. The preservation of such is taken by her with seriousness.
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Rigors of Rigoberta - (HIS-24SP1 Latin America History...

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