Appeal of Marxist through Latin America

Appeal of Marxist through Latin America - (HIS-24SP1 Latin...

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(HIS-243154-01-09SP1) Latin America: History, Politics & U.S. Policy Essay Assignment #2B Assignment: Write a three or four-page double-spaced essay that explores the appeal of Marxist thought in Latin America. It was Karl Marx who stated "the ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas" i ; a revised version of the golden rule, he who has the gold makes the rules. Since the Monroe Doctrine in 1823, the ruling ideas of the western hemisphere were the ideas of the United States. While being written, the nations of the continent below were gaining independence from Spain. Whether it was the supremacy of England over Spain or Protestant over Catholicism, the United States' de facto policy of Manifest Destiny has permeated south to try and cast dominion over this part of the world. During Teddy Roosevelt's administration, he added a Corollary ii , during the Coolidge administration he added a the Clark Memorandum iiiiv and in FDR's presidency, a Good Neighbor Policy v was instituted, so Latin America has long been at the forefront of U.S. foreign policy intervention. But in the 1940's, Socialism/Communism/Marxism made its way across the Atlantic so this nation had to intervene some more. With the assistance of the military, governments that were deemed "leftist" were either destabilized or destroyed, with the notable exception of Cuba. But 10 years ago, the U.S. stranglehold on the political, economic and cultural direction of Latin America started to weaken. With Hugo Chavez being elected in Venezuela in 1998 vi and a Castro still in power heading Cuba, we now have over a dozen Latin American nations in this hemisphere defined as "left of center" vii .
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The "Domino Theory viii , which led to millions of deaths during the Vietnam War to fight the spread of Communism, seems to have reappeared in democratically elected nations free from military juntas. Their appeal to populism seems to show a lack desire to follow in lock step behind policies which seem to make the interest of Western policies paramount. A new ruling idea is starting to form. To understand this new political shift in Latin America, a brief history lesson is in order. Nations like Cuba, Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Venezuela all have valid reasons not to be partial to U.S. approvals. In Cuba, the U.S. has attempted to kill ix Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution for about 50 years. The Bay Of Pigs Invasion of 1961 was a failed attempt to overthrow a government that was not conducive to U.S. interests akin to the previous one. Cuban exiles were trained in Guatemala x to try and depose the Castro regime. The U.S. backed coup attempt failed miserably. This invasion led to the Cuban government placing Soviet missiles in Cuba xi to thwart further U.S. military intervention. The Cuban Missile Crisis was the closest Cold War
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Appeal of Marxist through Latin America - (HIS-24SP1 Latin...

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