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Femininity Latina Style Gender roles throughout history have varied in accordance to environmental, biological and cultural factors. In ancient Ethiopia, females were warrior queens i where in ancient Greece they couldn't hold positions in government ii . The Christian trinity consists of a purely masculine spiritual dynamic where the ancient Egyptians had a trinity that comprised the man, woman and child iii . Many examples can be provided, but my point is strictly that society engenders gender. This social determination should not be conflated with the strict biological designation of sex. There was a time when women could only wear dresses near their ankles, in certain societies that is still the case. In my own church iv , which is Christian Pentecostal, we continue to practice this type of modesty in clothing attire. Now pants, short skirts, dress suits and whatever is in style are the norm. Changing notions of femininity go along with the changes in society. With Latinas, this is no different. As Latin men, we are especially known for "machismo" or excessive masculinity. So are Latin woman known as, to or supposed to be more submissive? What has the traditional role of Latinas been in society? And does it vary greatly from other women of various ethnic groups? Are these images positive or negative and how differently are they viewed today as opposed to in the past? What about Latin actors and actresses who anglicized their names and those who didn’t as common practice in the past? Finally, what does it mean to be Latina, Latino or Hispanic in general? To answer the initial question with clarity, must figure out if there are any strict parameters for the query I just posed. First of all, we all know that there is no universal attractive physique, Latinas are
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Femininity Latina Style - (HIS-243154-01-09SP1) Latin...

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