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Final Research Paper - (SMT-271554-01-09SP1) Minds and...

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1 (SMT-271554-01-09SP1) Minds and Machines Final Project Over 70 yrs ago, mathematician Kurt Gödel proved that any formal system of mathematics cannot both be complete and consistent in a way that can be proven within that system i . About 60 years ago, a man named Norbert Weiner came up with something called Cybernetics, which is a system that describes the application of statistical mechanics methods to communications by engineering ii . He tried to study human control functions in order to try and replicate them by the “mechanico - electrical” system iii . People have a triune brain regarding our development iv . So in the process of trying to recreate a neurological network, the eye cannot see itself, but I think that there is a way in which we can chart a possible way of moving forward. This would have to be done in a multiple step process that requires math, science, biology and philosophy. Dr. Paul MacLean about 50 yrs ago codified our triune brain development. We humans go from reptilian(r-Complex), to mammalian (limbic) to finally cerebral cortex v . Our initial development is concerned with instant gratification, then we develop feelings akin to other mammals but finally, our crowning achievement of the cerebral cortex enables us to carry out advanced brain functions. Since the mind is an immaterial, there is no way for me to make an anatomical or logical model, but a brain is different. From single celled organisms to, to worms, to insects to simple animals with ganglions, to complex animals with less developed brains and finally advanced neurological functions, brain operations are an intricate
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2 evolutionary process. I have laid out our anatomical outline, it follows a sound pattern. A primitive brain will not advance beyond that of a mammal, if it even gets to become reptilian. In order for me to create a brain, I have laid out a 7 step process that needs to take place in order to generate a properly and efficiently operable brain. They go as follows: Part 1 : Senses (taste, touch, sight, sound, smell) those are the basics needed for Part 2 : Fundamental Data Collection (via the senses, information gathered will allow the formulation of our world model) then to move through this
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Final Research Paper - (SMT-271554-01-09SP1) Minds and...

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