Anne Burras - (HIS-243364-01-09SU2) Transformations During...

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(HIS-243364-01-09SU2) Transformations During the Colonial Experience Anne Burras I read through many of the Jamestown Settlers’ stories and the story of Anne Burras captured my attention. The story begins by telling how she may have felt being the first “unattached” woman in Jamestown. “Imagine being the only unattached woman in the company of 200 men, some of whom haven’t been close to a woman in years ” ( Jamestown 1607 Online). The thought of this scenario was daunting even as a man. Anne Burras arrived in Jamestown on September 30, 1608 on the Mary and Margaret as a maid to Mistress Forrest. In a tumultuous passage to the New World, many people became ill and succumb to disease. Mistress Forrest, who accompanied her husband Thomas, made it to the new world but it is believed that she passed away a month after arrival due to an illness from the voyage. Anne Burras married (Studelska, 45) married John Laydon, a carpenter, in Jamestown in December 1608. They were likely the first wedding in Jamestown and
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Anne Burras - (HIS-243364-01-09SU2) Transformations During...

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