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Carter Advertisement - advertisement, but thought that it...

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(HIS-243364-01-09SU2) Transformations During the Colonial Experience Occupation The Carter occupation is defined by a man with a horse pulling a two wheeled cart (Old Occupation Names). The occupation would consist of a man using his cart and horse to transport goods from point to point. It was customarily a short distance transport, but could consist of a considerable amount of weight. I chose this occupation because of Matthew Ashby (People of Williamsburg). His story of an interracial child was very intriguing. He was the son of a black male and a white female indentured servant. I thought much about how difficult it must have been for him during this time. Creating the advertisement took a lot of thought. I didn’t know how to date the
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Unformatted text preview: advertisement, but thought that it should have the following: 1. Low resolution picture 2. Black and white lettering 3. Dated font 4. No contact information. The last point may seem obvious, but I did think it was important. There weren’t any phones or addr esses, and the settlements or towns were small enough that contact information was not necessary. Works Cited “ Old Occupation Names ”. Hall Geneaology Website. Online. “ People of Williamsburg: Matthew Ashby ”. Colonial Williamsburg. Online. < > CARTER AVAILABLE > FOR HIRE < DEPENDABLE STRONG HORSE STRONG MAN TRUSTWORTHY Matthew Ashby...
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Carter Advertisement - advertisement, but thought that it...

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