Early Settlers & Mayflower Comparison

Early Settlers & Mayflower Comparison - (HIS-24SU2...

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(HIS-243364-01-09SU2) Transformations During the Colonial Experience Early Settlers & Mayflower Comparison Analyzing the three ships of early settlers was fun. I tried to think of interesting ways to explain the manifests. The best way I could begin to analyze this information was to place it into a data table. You will find the data produced in an excel spreadsheet I have also attached, as well as a chart that depicts my analysis. The three ships had more or less the same amount of passengers. I can attribute this to the size of the ships that may have been chosen for the voyages. Each suffered its fair amount of casualties, but it’s when we look at the hard data, we can tell what areas of human effort the voyages were trying to attend to. Women, who only compromised 1% of the total number of passengers, were one of the least represented but were probably the most treasured. In my last paper I wrote about Mistress Forrest and Anne Burras. Anne Burras married quickly, and began the first family. I learned that women married often during this time. I believe that if women would have been encouraged to enroll in trades, they would have increased
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Early Settlers & Mayflower Comparison - (HIS-24SU2...

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