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Mod 1 Assignment 2 Spreadsheet

Mod 1 Assignment 2 Spreadsheet - Original Settlers Name...

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Original Settlers First Supply Second Supply Mayflower Name Occupation Name Occupation Name Occupation Name Occupation Master Edward Maria Wingfield Matthew Scrivner appointed to be of the Councell Captaine Peter Winne Captaine Bartholomew Gosnoll Totals 1 Captaine Richard Waldo Alden, John cooper Captaine John Smyth Michaell Phetyplace Allerton, Isaac tailor, merchant Captaine John Ratliffe William Phetyplace Totals 2 Allerton, John seaman Captaine John Martin Ralfe Morton Master Francis West Billington, John Captaine George Kendall William Cantrill Thomas Graves Bradford, William fustian maker Totals 6 Richard Wyffin Rawley Chroshaw Brewster, William printer Robert Barnes Gabriell Bedle Britteridge, Richard George Hill John Russell Brown, Peter George Pretty John Bedle Carter, Robert servant to William Mullins Totals 1 John Taverner William Russell Carver, John Robert Cutler John Gudderington Chilton, James tailor Master George Percie Michaell Sickelmore William Sambage Cooke, Francis wool comber Anthony Gosnoll Thomas Coo Henry Collings Crackstone, John Captaine Gabriell Archer Peter Pory Henry Ley Doty, Edward servant to Stephen Hopkins Robert Ford Richard Killingbeck Harmon Haryson Eaton, Francis house carpenter William Bruster William Causey Daniell Tucker Ely, _____ seaman, hired to stay a year Dru Pickhouse Doctor Russell Hugh Wollystone English, Thomas master of the Speedwell and then the shallop John Brookes Richard Worley John Hoult Fletcher, Moses smith Thomas Sands Richard Prodger Thomas Norton Fuller, Edward John Robinson William Bayley George Yarington Fuller, Samuel brother of Edward Fuller; say-weaver, surgeon Ustis Clovill Richard Molynex
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  • Spring '08
  • Mayflower Compact, The Land, Plymouth Colony, Tudor people, Raymond Goodyson John Speareman William Spence Richard Brislow William Simons John Bouth William Burket, Totals Totals Totals, Robert Cutler Michaell Sickelmore Thomas Coo Peter Pory Richard Killingbeck William Causey Doctor Russell Richard Worley Richard Prodger William Bayley Richard Molynex

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