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I U South Bend . Economics . TUCE, 2008 Page 1 INDIANA UNIVERSITY SOUTH BEND SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS SEVEN REASONS WE TAKE THE PRE-TESTS AND POSTTESTS IN MICROECONOMICS AND MACROECONOMICS SERIOUSLY The Test will contribute to the departmental and the school’s efforts to offer the highest quality programs, which require effective, ongoing assessment of its courses and programs; The Test will assist in the evaluation of broad, program-level learning goals in micro- and macro-economics, as well as permits diagnosis of student performance at the specific concept level in these courses; The Test will provide a significant value added to other IU South Bend programs, as the principles of economics classes enroll large number of students from all disciplines, colleges, schools and departments on the IU South Bend campus;
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Unformatted text preview: . The Test will give clear indication of the results of students’ learning because each student will be assessed at the beginning of the semester, experience the course, and then be re-assessed at semester’s end; . The Test will provide a tool for evaluation of how much economics our students are learning relative to students in other universities. This, in combination with consideration of factors that are unique to our Indiana University South Bend and student body, will help us to assess program-level learning; With test scoring at the item level, we will be able to diagnose and improve teaching and learning with sufficient precision to focus on how we handle specific syllabus topics and concepts; The Test will provide invaluable information for strategic improvement of learning at the principles level....
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