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Practice Exam #1 blank - -1 Which ones are the possilbe...

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Practice Exam 1 (9/2/09) (15 pts) 1. Eight constitutional isomers of C 5 H 8 O containing a double bond and an aldehyde. (10 pts) 2. Draw (a) resonance structure(s) of the following species. O (10 pts) 3. Label the following sets of structures as geometrical isomers, constitutional isomers, same compound or not isomers. HO OH O O OH OH O O
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(20 pts) 4. The label said that molecular formula was C 4 H 10 O. Write all the possible constitutional isomers for this molecular formula. (10 pts) 5. In the IR spectrum of A , Jung found a broad peak between 3200 and 3600 cm
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Unformatted text preview: -1 . Which ones are the possilbe candidates for A ? Give your reasonings briefly. (Questions 4 - 6) In Jung's lab, he found a bottle containing a compound A . The structure was illegible although several clues were found from the label. Identify the sructure of the compound A . (10 pts) 6. Jung also learned from the tarnished label that the oxygen was connected to a secondary carbon, which allowed Jung to identify one structure. Give the structure of A as well as the systematic name of A ....
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Practice Exam #1 blank - -1 Which ones are the possilbe...

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