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Extraction Lab Report - Extraction A Separation and...

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Extraction: A Separation and Isolation Technique Chemistry 227 Laboratory, Section 29 Instructor: Sunil Kumar Abstract This paper describes the process of extraction, the method of taking an organic compound out of an aqueous phase and into an organic phase. Three compounds were extracted: m-Nitroaniline (base), benzoic acid (acid), and naphthalene (neutral compound). In the end, the three compounds were successfully isolated using various methods of acid-base chemistry. The observed melting points corresponded with the literature melting points, indicating a successful extraction.
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Introduction The goal of this project was to investigate how to separate a three-component mixture into each of the three compounds through a technique called extraction. Extraction is the most common technique used to separate a desired organic product from a reaction mixture, so it is very important for students to know how to do this technique. Extraction separates an organic product from any impurities, by-products, or other substances. Substances in nature are always mixed with other substances, so the extraction technique is used quite commonly in chemistry laboratories. Results Table 1: Extraction What is Extracted What is Used to Extract It What is Used to Neutralize It m-Nitroaniline HCl CaCl Benzoic acid NaOH NaOH Naphthalene ------ ------ Table 2: Percent Yields and Melting Points of Extracted Components Compound Percent Yield Observed Melting Point ( o C) Literature Melting Point ( o C) m-Nitroaniline 110 111 Benzoic acid 118 122 Naphthalene 82 80 Discussion Our experiment was very valuable in the understanding of how to perform an extraction. It was also very valuable in understand how and why extraction works.
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Extraction Lab Report - Extraction A Separation and...

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