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Don Marquis - It consists of the loss of the future goods...

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Philosophy Don Marquis Don Marquis believes that abortion is wrong except for a few circumstances. These cases include abortion after rape and abortion when continuation of the pregnancy may endanger a woman’s life. His argument begins by explaining that that it is true that women have the right to control their body, but the right to life of the fetus overrides the right of the women to control her body. The loss of one’s life is a greater loss than the loss of the right to control one’s own body. He continues explaining why it is wrong to kill a fetus using the “future like ours” account. Premature death is wrong because when one is dead, they have been deprived of life.
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Unformatted text preview: It consists of the loss of the future goods. This includes anything that we get out of life, including the pursuit of our goals, friendships, or physical pleasure. More specifically, the loss of a premature, conscious death is what is the misfortune of a premature death. For example, if someone has a great life going on for him or her, it is wrong to kill him or her because you are taking away his or her conscious, future life. But if you take the life away from a person who has been in a coma for a while and if they were to wake up, pain would compose their lives. In that case, death wouldn’t be a misfortune....
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