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Translation exercise: L12 Xiao Wang was hungry and thirsty. I told him that I would treat him to dinner because it was almost his birthday. We went to a Chinese restaurant. There wasn’t even a single customer when we got there. The waiter asked us what we would like to eat. I ordered 30 dumplings and Xiao Wang ordered one coke, one tofu and one sweet and sour fish. The waiter wanted us to order one more dish . But, we said we’d already ordered enough food. But the dumplings were all sold out and the fish was extremely sour. The waiter not only served the food slowly , but also gave me the wrong change
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Unformatted text preview: . The service there was really terrible. We’d better not go there next time. 1. Translation exercise on RC 1. I don’t like that character. It is too hard to write. I wrote it wrong again. 2. A: Did you hear clearly what the teacher wanted us to do? B: No, I didn’t. 3. A: Did you find your red shoes? B: Yes, I did. 3. A: Have you finished the letter to your mother? B: No, I haven’t finished. (Actually,) I haven’t even started yet. A: Hurry up, her birthday is coming. B: Okay, I’ll do it after I finish this cup of coffee....
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