The food there was really bad 6 e 9 professor li had

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Unformatted text preview: home. ˜ ± l÷í 6 “ ã´6 ª ˆ ÔE ¶ 8. My classmate told me not to eat at the school cafeteria. The food there was really bad. _ í6 Ú›E @Û ) 9. Professor Li had a glass of wine before she went to bed. (r ° l ÷ í6 10. Xiao Zhang writes his diary after he finishes his homework every night. r ˜ ± l÷í 6 à ’ ã ´ª 6 ˆÔ E 11. Do you know how to use a computer to write Chinese characters? (r ) ]ô 12. Can you call your Chinese teacher by her name? r °l÷ í6 13. I have two exams tomorrow. I will go to the library right after I finished dinner. r ˆ ÔE ¶ ª6 á C ðí 6 Z í6 … 14. He is very busy because in addition to school work, he also needs to work in the restaurant. (r r ) í*...
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