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Unformatted text preview: Translation exercise on L8 Key 1. My father said that I could not eat and talk at the same time. (è ’ …´ ª ° lí 6 ÷ 4. When you called me last night, I was taking a shower. r ˜ ± l ÷ í6 à ’ã´ª 6 ˆ ÔE¶ ) 5. I’ve had my breakfast already. How about you? i “ ã …ª 6 ]ô· 6. The teacher was using computer to teach us new grammar when Xiao Gao came in. i ã ´ ª ˆ Ô E¶ ª6 á e C ð í6 _ í6 7. My little sister said that she was going to call her boyfriend when she went...
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