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L11 Translation exercise-Key (3 rd edition) 1. The weather forecast on the internet said that today’s weather would be the same as yesterday’s. It would be warm and it wouldn’t rain. R - . p 2. There were even more vocab items and grammar points in Lesson 10 than in Lesson 9. What am I going to do? k K T D T D 3. This pair of shoes are not only expensive but also ugly. Exchange for another pair. x h TD k 4. I would like to ask your sister to go to see a movie. Do you think she will go out with me? k K D T D 5. It suits you better if you wear the red shirt instead of the white one.
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Unformatted text preview: x h T D 6. My big sister goes shopping very often. She bought a shirt two weeks ago. She got a pair of pants last week, and yesterday, she bought a pair of shoes again. She IS rich. G G G E k E k k 7. Although the summer in Beijing is both hot and uncomfortable the food there is cheap and delicious. R -. v 8. A: I am feeling a bit sick. B: Really? You need go home and sleep. Give me a call after you wake up. k K T D T D...
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