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Unformatted text preview: Translation exercise: L12 Xiao Wang was hungry and thirsty. I told him that I would treat him to dinner because it was almost his birthday. We went to a Chinese restaurant. There wasn’t even a single customer when we got there. The waiter asked us what we would like to eat. I ordered 30 dumplings and Xiao Wang ordered one coke, one tofu and one sweet and sour fish. The waiter wanted us to order one more dish. But, we said we’d already ordered enough food. But the dumplings were all sold out and the fish was extremely sour. The waiter not only served the food slowly, but also gave me the wrong change. The service there was really terrible. We’d better not go there next time. й Û E Ð¹Û E ¿ @ ¹Û E @ »Û E @ ¹Û E ƒ þ” ÷ `N ¸Á _¶ ª ? a ¸Á _¶ ª p» ÛE ¸ Á_ ¶ª @ ¸ Á _ ¶ª * ÿ¹ ÛE 2 7 30 ˜ ¡ + û O ð ¹ ÛE N ô ` N° Ì s p â- ´ ª? ¨Ò [ ` N° Ì s `¹ 1. Translation exercise on RC 1. I don’t like that character. It is too hard to write. I wrote it wrong again. ¨ Ò 3¶ª? ˜¡ N û `N U Yô` N pâ-´ ª? ¨Ò X c0 ¶ Z ` 2. A: Did you hear clearly what the teacher wanted us to do? B: No, I didn’t. Ø ä - ´ ª 3. A: Did you find your red shoes? B: Yes, I did. Ø ä - ´ ª 4. A: Have you finished the letter to your mother? Nû`N B: No, I haven’t finished. (Actually,) I haven’t even started yet. Nû`N A: Hurry up, her birthday is coming. X c0 B: Okay, I’ll do it after I finish this cup of coffee. û`N ...
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