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©2010 Sarah L. Keller 452 Homework #1, Part C Name:_______________________ Seminar and Library Work Turn in this page and 3 attachments anytime before Friday, March 12, 4pm. Worth 10 points. Pick a colloquium or research seminar to attend in any appropriately related science department (e.g. chemistry, physiology and biophysics, genetics, zoology, biochemistry, physics…etc.) and go to it. Hints for places to find seminar notices are in the syllabus. You do not have to choose a seminar that I recommend or suggest. Find something that interests you. Seminar Speaker: ______________________ Date/Time: ______________________ Department: ______________________ Title of Talk: _________________________________________________ 1) Give 5 brief sentences on what the speaker studies, in terms your classmates would understand: 2) What question would you ask the speaker about his or her research, field, or presentation? Often the best seminar questions are “simple” ones, asked by undergraduates or beginning grad students. 3) Did you ask this (or any) question during the seminar? If not, why not?
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©2010 Sarah L. Keller 4) Literature Search using Web of Science, and print your results. Use Web of Science to find a list of the seminar speaker’s published articles. If you don’t know how to use Web of Science, instructions are below, or ask a librarian.
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