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Name: Student Number: DO NOT OPEN THIS TEST BOOKLET UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. THIS IS A CLOSED-BOOK EXAM. YOU ARE ALLOWED ONE PAGE OF NOTES. • Include the correct sign and units (S.I.) on all problems. • Partial Credit will be given on some problems, as long as you show your work. Answers given without sufficient evidence that the work was done may not be given full credit. • I expect the mean to be low on this exam. If you are having difficulty, don’t freak out. Many parts of problems can be done independently, so if you get stuck, see if you can do another section.
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Unformatted text preview: • After the exams are graded, you will be able to view them, but not to take them away. Except in a extreme circumstance of an egregious error on our part, there will be no regrades on the final. G(giga)x10 9 M(mega)x10 6 k(kilo)x10 3 m(milli)x10-3 µ (micro)x10-6 n(nano)x10-9 p(pico)x10-12 f(femto)x10-15 “I attest that I have neither given nor received any aid on this exam.” ___________________________________ your signature f K = 1.852 degrees K/m b K = 0.52 degrees K/m...
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